Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The last 24 hours have been a rollercoaster ride. My last entry painted a sorry picture as we headed for bed half expecting a rough night.

Much to our pleasant surprise, Hayley was able to settle Lucy in her cot by leaning right in so that she could play with her hair (well, grab tight hold of it actually) while she sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her in ever quieter whispers. She even ended up going down awake and falling asleep in her cot. Perfect! We were both shattered from the previous nights and delighted to be able to go to sleep on time. Hayley was instantly promoted from super-human to super-human miracle worker.

Lucy then slept 5.5 hours. Woohoo!!!

We got her and Hayley fed her. Meanwhile I changed Oliver's nappy as he had diarrhea. He has his the last of his first teeth coming through. He woke as I carried him to the changing table in the spare room where Hayley was feeding Lucy. So at around 4am all four of us were up and awake. Oliver lay there blinking up at me with big blinks, like a baby himself. "Hello Mummy" he said when he saw her feeding Lucy on the sofa.

Hayley put Lucy down using the same Twinkle Twinkle technique and we were all going back to sleep only 40 minutes after we got up.

Getting up at 7.30 this morning felt so much better than the previous nights. We'd gladly settle for that every night for a while. So we all started the day feeling positive and back on track.

However, through the day Hayley started to feel ill with flu-type symptoms. She also noticed soreness in her breasts. By this evening she had other symptoms and was pretty sure she had mastitis. This could mean the end of breastfeeding just when we felt we might get through the hard part after all (even without the Health Visitor bothering to call us back).

She's still managing to feed her right now. Fingers crossed it will pass off as quickly as it arrived.