Thursday, September 06, 2007

My turn

Oliver is very big on taking turns at the moment. He has always demonstrated unswerving fairness in his ditribution of anything under his control, certianly when it comes to Mummy and Daddy. (Sharing toys with other kids can occasionally be a notable exception.) Half chewed toast springs to mind when I think of the things he first offers to Mummy for a bite ("Mummy's turn") and then to Daddy ("Daddy's turn").

This morning he deicded that rather than hold my hand to walk down the stairs he would do it unaided. "My turn" he said as he set off through the stair-gate, holding onto the bannister with one hand and Julien with the other.

He got all the way down by himself. Hayley and I watched (Hayley from the top of the stairs, me from one step in front of him) and contemplated how our toddler looks more like a little boy with each new milestone he reaches.