Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Laughing at Mummy and Daddy

Each morning when I go into Oliver's room he gives me the same greeting. In a tone of apparent surprise (despite the fact he might have been shouting "Daddy, up!" from his room), when I open the door and say "Good morning Oliver", he replies "Oh, hello Daddy".

This cheery, ready greeting is in contrast to the evening when he is reluctant to say goodnight to me at all, presumably to delay my departure. Eventually I get a quiet "night night, Daddy".

I've resurrected a song I used to sing to him when he was perhaps a few months old. It goes like this.

"You are my little son,
you weigh a metric tonne.
Oh me,
Oh my,
Did you eat all the pies?!
You are my little son,
You weigh a metric tonne pah pah, oom pah pah, oom pah pah, paaaaaaah.".

This last "paaaaah" I sing close up to his face and he laughs out loud, saying "again!"
The wonderful thing about singing this song now is that he now sings along with me. I find myself, like an old fool, telling him how I used to sing this song to him when he was a baby. Like he cares! "Again!" he keeps saying.

I was singing it to him as we all walked back from his friend Alberto's house the other day. I say "we" walked back but actually he walked half the way after initial protest. I then told him I'd carry him the rest of the way as he had been a good boy for walking when I asked him to. I picked him up and as I started to carry him I noticed he had a grin on his face that could probably be best described as "satisfied"! Possibly even "smug"! I pointed it out to Hayley and we both roared with laughter, which itself further amused the little man (pictured above).