Sunday, September 02, 2007


First time under the play-gym
  • Today Lucy had her first experience of the play-gym (above).

  • Lucy's eyes are still blue. Oliver's had changed long before this point, so it looks like we've got our blue eyed girl.

  • Oliver's favourite phrase right now is "I ready". Often he's ready for the radio to start playing a song at his request. I've explained why this is a problem but he's not grasping it yet. Today he told me "I ready for you draw Fat Controller". This was not easy. And he followed it with requests for Thomas, James and Harold.

  • Oliver does a lovely version of the radio jingle that is played before the traffic reports on Radio 2 in the morning. You know the one, "BBC, Radio Twoooooo".

  • Lucy's favourite things to watch (apart from her Mummy of course) are the trees outside the front window and the lights in the kitchen. Although at one point this afternoon she seemed enthralled by Aston Villa vs Chelsea.

  • Oliver now tells me when he has pooed. He even climbs onto the sofa and waits of me to get the changing mat out. Although sometimes he still finds it fun to run off.

  • Lucy likes lying on her front across Hayley's legs. When she does it she looks a lot like Oliver did at the same age doing the same thing.

  • Hayley appears to have morphed into some sort of super-human. She takes everything in her stride and gets less tired than me despite getting way less sleep than I do. And all she has to sustain her is strong tea and the sight of Lucy. And I suspect the tea is irrelevant.

    Dan said...

    Speaking of radio, have you tried the BBC cbeebies radio on BBC radio 7 (listen again). 3 hours every day and it's really good quality stuff (well i think so).

    I put it on CD (which i'm sure the BBC wouldn't be happy about and i use some naughty software to do) and have it on during long car journeys.

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