Sunday, July 01, 2007

86cm (2 feet 10 inches) tall

We've started recording Oliver's height on the door between the living room and kitchen. The first measurement was at 19 months. Today, a week before he is 22 months, he has grown a further inch. Today's measurement is about 86 centimetres or 2 feet 10 inches if you prefer.

There's a theory I've heard that your height at age 2 is half your final height. I'm not sure how valid this is. He is supposed to be tall for his age which would imply he will end up over 6 feet tall, but I can't see him reaching 3 feet tall in the next 2 months.


Dan said...

I think it's age three rather than aged two. so he has a bit to go yet

Donna said...

I heard it was two, which worked out pretty well for my niece and nephews. No matter how much he grows in 2 months, he will still be taller than Tom Cruise!

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