Monday, July 09, 2007

That's all we need!

Last night Hayley and I lay awake in the early hours listening to the Police helicopter circling very close to us. It went on sol long we eventually got up to try to work out exactly where it was searching. After about half an hour it moved to about half a mile away.

This morning we found out the reason: a drive-by shooting on Didsbury Road. This incident happened just a few hundred yards from us. I suppose it could have happened anywhere given its nature, but it is still quite disturbing, especially on the back of the gunpoint robbery in the early hours a few months ago only yards from this incident. Our lovely little area seems to have more than its fair share of violent crime at the moment.

Not exactly the kind of incident to send me off to Spain feeling content.


Scott said...

We checked the blue lights flashing outside our house on Saturday (about 1 a.m.) to see 3 police vans, 2 cars, someone face down on the pavement with a police foot on his neck and someone else being manhandled out of the back garden of the house across the road.


Donna said...

Does Oliver have an alibi for the incident?

I don't know if our area has got worse or not. They've just opened the new area police station round the corner. It's de rigeur to leave the car park with full lights and sirens, as this means they can jump the lights at the motorway junction!

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