Thursday, July 26, 2007

On-time delivery please!

Fear not, this isn't a post about project management or the best postal service. It's about the fact that we definitely don't want our new arrival for the next few days. That's because Hayley is full of a cold/flu bug. She is so bad that she called a fellow childminder yesterday and got her to take Oliver for the whole day. It's the first time she's done that since the little man was born and is an indication of just how rough she is feeling.

On top of that I am under pressure at work this week as I'm on a training course but also trying to keep on top of things in the office. It is becoming increasingly hard to strike a good home-work balance such that I don't disappoint both parties. I work flexi-time which you would think is a help. But it means that if I get in early, there's a good chance that by the time I'm ready to go home there are still people around potentially wanting my time.

Fingers crossed Bumper will arrive on time, which is a week from today (or the day after, depending which midwife you speak to!)