Saturday, July 07, 2007

How could he!

Regular readers may know that I receive a magazine called "FQ", as in Father's Quarterly, designed to make us think we Dad's are still as young, attractive and cool as we were back when we might have read GQ, its spiritual Grandaddy.

To my horror when I received it this week, a rather waxy looking David Cameron adorned its front cover. But worse was to come. When I picked it up to read it tonight, Oliver pointed at Cameron and said "Daddy".

I'm not certain how I responded. The words "that's not [insert subdued expletive here] Daddy" must have been involved, I'm sure. Perhaps he sensed my dismay because he then went on to point at several other men in the magazine saying "Daddy", as if telling me they are all Daddies in their own right. Unlikely? Yes. But preferable to him thinking of me as Cameronesque? You bet!


Anonymous said...

I always thought you looked a bit more like Thatcher myself.

Donna said...

Could've been worse, could've been John Prescott!

Or Ann Widdecombe...;P

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