Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nap time

Oliver woke after napping for only 10 minutes yesterday because Hayley had to get him out of the car. He then refused to nap in his stroller. Ten minutes is nowhere near enough sleep for him so he agreed to going upstais to lie on the "big bed" (i.e. our bed).

Once there Hayley tried to rest while he jumped around on the bed. After a few minutes she asked him "Do you want to go for a nap?".
"Yes", he replied.
"In your cot?".
This was quite a surprise as he hasn't napped in his cot for a long time. Certainly not since we moved to this house. He sat and played and read books in his cot for a few minutes before calling out "Mamma". Hayley went in, stroked his head and then left him, quiet and content, to lie down again herself. Within a few minutes he was asleep and slept for an hour and a half.

What's more, when he awoke his usual grizzly self was replaced with quite a chirpy chap. It would be great if he would do this more often. It would let Hayley get some rest in these final few weeks before Bumper arrives.