Sunday, July 01, 2007

Goodbye growbags

About 6 weeks ago there was a significant event that really deserves blogging. We switched from a growbag/sleeping-bag to a quilt. This means that instead of us going in every couple of hours because I'm convinced he'll be too hot I can sleep easy knowing he can kick off his quilt if he needs to.

Well, actually it means we now go in every couple of hours to check he hasn't kicked off his quilt and is lying on top of it getting cold, which by the way he usually is!

But overall it seems to be an improvement. Although we do sometimes have to put him back under it after he has headed to the other end of the bed, he does seem to be sleeping better.

His cot is now at its lowest position so the next stage will be to turn the cot into a bed. But I'm hoping we won't have to do this for a while, because then the blissful mornings we are currently enjoying will come to an end as he realises he can come into our room and interrupt our slow awakening. Then again, we'll be up half the night soon anyway, so why worry.