Thursday, July 05, 2007

It never rains, only pours.

I'm not going to Barcelona today after all. There are gale force winds on the Mediterranean where my Dad is right now and they won't abate for a day or so. So I've moved my flights to go out on Monday instead. It's cost more money, I've lost the money on tonight's hotel and it means the trip is even closer to Bumper's due date. All in all not good news.

But worse than that, last night, following an afternoon of torrential downpour, I found water dripping from the ceiling of Oliver's room, running down the main light fitting. After calling the insurance company we had a roofer at the house within an hour. He did nothing to calm my concerns. Referred to the type of tile on our roof as "Mersey S^&t", said that any damage wouldn't be easy to fix and even suggested it might not be covered by insurance!

It never rains...