Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bob'll Fix It!

Back in the days of my youth there was a programme called "Jim'll Fix It". This involved the eccentric but likable old DJ, Jimmy Saville, arranging for kids to do the weird and whacky things they requested in their hand-written letters that were duly shown on national TV.

THis is not to be confused with the 21st century phenomenon that is "Bob the Builder", who is heard to sing "Can we fix it" frequently in his theme tune.

As Oliver is a fan of Bob, I wasn't surprised to hear him shout "Bob'll Fix it!" whenever the tune or TV show came on. But then I realised that Oliver was actually trying to tell me he could see great potential for a new TV show, "Bob'll Fix It"! And that a career in TV production was the life for him! Admittedly I may be reading between the lines a little here but bear with me.

The show would involve people inviting in a cartoon builder to arrange for weird and wonderful things to happen. Unfortunately, as Bob is a builder, most of these things would get started on time before he just has to pop off to do another urgent job. ANd as Oliver will only be working for a small company to start with, all the stunts will have to involve Dizzy, Lofty and Wendy to keep the costs down. At this point I am starting to foresee law suits resulting from freak building site accidents, but hey, that's reality TV fory you!

Nonetheless, Oliver still seems keen. He still shouts "Bob'll Fix It" on a near daily basis. And let's face it, could his programme ideas be any worse than many of today's shows?!