Friday, July 27, 2007

You can't beat a bit of Dolly

In a rash move earlier this week, I took Oliver's favourite CDs out of the car to make copies to play in the house. So when I collected him from the childminder yesterday I found that the only available CD was "The Best of Dolly Parton". To pacify the repeated requests for "songs" (meaning nursery rhymes), I popped Dolly into the CD player, more in hope than expectation. Out thumped the intro to Nine to Five. To my surprise the little man didn't pipe up "don't like it" and by the time we got to the chorus I was singing with (admittedly slightly faux) enthusiasm and he seemed content at our aural entertainment.

Today when Hayley got into the car he immediately asked for "Dolly"!
"Songs or Dolly", Hayley offered.
"Dolly", asserted the little man. So Dolly it was.
When "Jolene" came on Hayley sang with the gusto of a diva and Oliver found it hilarious. An encore was duly requested. And another. And another. I'm not sure how many times he made her sing it, but given that he made me sing and dance "Five little men in a flying saucer" six times this evening, I'm guessing it was quite a few.