Saturday, July 21, 2007

Under the weather

Hayley is struggling with nausea at the moment. It turns out that the morning sickness that disappeared after the first trimester can come back towards the end of the pregnancy. It's not exactly welcome as she is already suffering with pelvic problems.

Meanwhile Oliver has had a cold and a cough for the last few days. The last time he had similar symptoms, including strained breathing, he ended up in hospital. But this time it seems he's not that bad. At night he coughs a lot and gets very chesty, and by day he has a runny nose and gets pretty grouchy at times. But mostly he bears it well.

In fact sometimes he bears it a little too well. After I found him breathing heavily during the night we were understandably concerned, so we made sure he got to see a doctor that morning. After all, the last time this happened he went stratight from the doctors to the hospital. When the doctor came through to the waiting room and called Oliver's name, he promptly jumped up and ran around the chairs which are arranged in a circle. Hayley tried to catch him. He thought this a great game. Not exactly hard to outrun his 38-weeks pregnant Mum! Meanwhile the doctor is standing holding open the door watching this child that we assured her needed to be seen urgently. Eventually Hayley had to ask another patient to catch Oliver as she passed. "Well at least he seems happy in himself" consoled the doctor as they entered her consulting room.

And now this evening Hayley has suffered what I can only describe politely as "a very upset tummy". A friend has just texted her to say that near the time of labour the body makes sure it has emptied the bowels. Better get some sleep then in case this is it!