Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Total recall


Last night as I put Oliver to bed, he noticed this picture on my phone. It shows him in hospital after Lucy was born, sitting on Hayley's bed watching the Patientline TV. As it happened, I remember he was watching "In The Night Garden".

When he saw the picture he said "Oliver and Lucy", then pointed at himself in the picture, watching TV and said "In the night garden". I was amazed that he could recognise the scene from one picture and recall what he was watching.

I've had a flashback of my own today. For the first time since Lucy was born 4 weeks ago, Hayley has not got up to give Lucy a night-feed of breast-milk. Instead she let me give her Aptamil, which has given Hayley a very well deserved rest. So as I sat there in the dawn light feeding then winding the chubby faced babe in my lap, it brought back memories of doing the same with Oliver. I have to say, this morning, the first morning, the scene had a novel and warm glow to it all. Check back in a few months to see if it has lasted.