Saturday, August 11, 2007


First taste of bacon

I don't eat meat.

I never foresaw this as a problem with regard to offspring, as my policy is to bring them up as omnivores until they can decide for themselves. And when it comes to meat, Hayley eats only chicken, so our diets are pretty similar.

However, one problem that has arisen is the fact that Oliver likes to share his food with me. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I'm not going to arbitrarily bring to a close nearly a quarter of a century without meat just because he offers me a taste of his spag' bol'. It does make me feel a bit rotten though as most offers of food I can accept, so my refusal might come as a bit of a surprise to him. Daddy isn't a human dustbin after all.

One thing that most veggies miss in my experience is bacon. Many years ago my colleagues used to take great pleasure in brining bacon sandwiches into the office in the morning, warming them on the up-lighters and then eating them in front of me just to make me suffer. Swine! (sic)

So imagine my feelings this morning when I took Oliver for his (now semi-customary) Saturday morning breakfast at Tesco where I bought him a small piece of bacon. The picture above shows him tucking into it with relish. Admittedly he didn't eat it all, but there was sausage on offer and there's not much to compete with a good sausage in Oliver's eyes.

And yes, I did resist the temptation to share.