Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hard going

Hayley is now five days overdue to give birth and really struggling with discomfort in her back and other areas. Having Oliver to entertain obviously isn't conducive to fulfilling the orders of the doctor and midwife to rest. Unfortunately several friends, who would normally help by having Oliver for a couple of hours or just coming round for playdates, have been away and the summer break means there are no playgroups. Poor Hayley has been struggling over to the park or trying to make sandcastles for the little man in the back garden, but leaning over into a sandpit is not an activity she can sustain for long.

I have to say that I have been somewhat irritated by the way that some people have made noises along the lines of "if there's anything we can do just say...", whilst already knowing full well that Hayley has no family up here and is exhausted looking after Oliver, but have made no offer to have him. I don't expect anyone to have him, but I can't stand their disingenuous offers.

But Hayley and I always knew we would be pretty much on our own. We have no family nearby and we rarely see them. We listen enviously to the descriptions of friends whose parents babysit week in week out, or even childmind a couple of days a week. But we cope on our own and treasure even more the rare occasions we get time together, just the two of us, for the fact that it is so precious. I do wish we had more time as a couple. We both do. But it's a price we have to pay to enjoy our little family. It's a price worth paying.