Friday, August 24, 2007

Mummy's little girl

As I type, Hayley is sitting next to me on the sofa feeding Lucy. The little lady seems to be getting the knack of breastfeeding, even on the less favoured breast, though her Mummy is suffering some soreness.

But regardless of the niggles there's one thing that is clear. Lucy knows who her Mummy is. She rarely takes her gaze from Hayley when she is near. In contrast, I am as out of favour with Lucy as I am in favour by Oliver! Within a minute of two of me picking her up she will be wriggling and/or crying, whereas Mummy seems to have the magic touch. As I type she is kissing her and telling her she smells nice. She really dotes on her and Lucy is now a picture of contentment, lying in Mummy's arms after her feed. It looks like my bonding with my daughter still has some way to go.

Perhaps it's a reason to start bottle-feeding her more often, whether breastmilk or formula. It would give me chance to feed her and give Hayley a break,. Lucy slept for about 4 hours this afternoon but this evening she has fed intermittently throughout. A mixture of breastfeeding and bottlefeeding still seems the best option long-term, for the whole family's well-being.


Anonymous said...

I found bonding with Evan a lot harder than bonding with Amy, but I got there.

It had something to do with Amy demanding my attention whereas when she was born there were no distractions. Alos Kerry really knew what she was doing with Evan, whereas with Amy we were both in the dark and consulting each other on every little thing.

Steve said...

I'm experiencing much the same.

And breastfeeding is going much better than with Oliver so feeding times are a big chance to bond that I'm largely missing out on. But it's getting better every day.

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