Sunday, August 12, 2007

Counting down to induction?

This morning Hayley was seen by a midwife at home and her blood pressure was again normal. Last night she ate a Chicken Vindaloo curry in an attempt to encourage Bumper out, but still he/she is not budging. We've tried other things too (which I won't list here - see entries from the last time this happened!) but we are starting to resign ourselves to the prospect of induction, tomorrow evening starting at 10pm.

The nice thing about this morning was that the midwife that came round was Sally, who delivered Oliver (with a little help at the end from a consultant with a ventuse cap!). She chatted to him and said it was nice to see him. It's strange to think how he is just one of many to her and yet she holds a unique place in Oliver's life and indeed in our own lives.