Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lucy Anne Townley


Our daughter, Lucy Anne, was born at 8.47am on Wednesday 15th August 2007. She weighed 8 lbs 7 ozs (3.82 Kg). Hayley and I are both delighted. Oliver met her this evening and was also pleased.

Oliver meets Lucy

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to offer encouragement and support over the last few days.

Full details to follow after we have recovered from being up all last night.

Our new arrival


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Anonymous said...

Hayley, you look radiant! We are all so thrilled for the three of you to have such an adorable addition to the family.

Alex and Catherine are very impressed that you conjured up the ideal combination of a Boy then a Girl approx. 2 years apart.

Well done! All our love and kisses. We'll try to visit during the balance of the year.

All the Nohres

Donna said...

She looks so cute, and you know my feelings about most small children!

Congratulations to Clan Townley, or will it be Team Townley when they're big enought to do that 24-hour cycle thing?

Steve said...

Hmmmmm, Team Townley at Mountain Mayhem. Nice idea. But we'd need one more for a mixed-gender team... and that's not on the cards!!!

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