Friday, August 10, 2007

False start

Today our midwife, M, came and did a membrane sweep. She said the cervix was soft and Hayley is already 2cm dilated. She could feel the baby's head which is very low.

But then she took her blood pressure and found it to be 157/92 which is high, especially as she is normally about 120/70. So she admitted her to hospital in case the induction should be brought forward to today.

At the hospital they monitored the baby's heartbeat and movements. He/she slept for about 30 minutes before waking and moving. They also took Hayley's blood pressure which was right back down to its normal level. After a wait of over an hour a doctor spoke to the nurse/midwife over the phone and decided Hayley could go home.

They also took blood and said they'd call this eveing if the results meant she had to come back. We've had no call.

Fingers crossed things might start of their own accord tomorrow. Otherwise we're off for a very hot curry!