Friday, August 17, 2007


Coming home

Our family is re-united at home. Lucy fed well both from both the breast and the bottle in the night, so everyone was happy that she could go home. Especially us!

Before we left we registered her birth at the hospital. It doesn't seem two years since we were doing the same with Oliver. Today he was there with us, playing hide and seek behind my chair and generally taking the role of the adorable toddler. Doesn't time fly.

Lucy has mostly been sleeping today, but has fed twice from Hayley this evening. We're off to bed now to get some sleep before she wakes again, as she only seems to be going 1.5 - 2 hours between feeds since she woke from her daytime slumbers.

At home


mountainear said...

Just to say congratulations - well done etc.

I'm a blog lurker - ex resident of Heaton Moor, escaped to the hills etc - but my babes (25 & 27) still live in Stockport - so I am eager for news of what was once home.

Steve said...

Hi mountainear, always nice to "out" a lurker! :-)

Heaton Moor is still alive and kicking! We moved here all the way from Heaton Mersey last December and we love it.

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