Saturday, August 25, 2007

Topsy turvy

Last night, after an evening dominated by Lucy feeding, we went to bed at 11pm and slept. We slept, in fact, until 4am, when we got Lucy up for a feed.

Yes, you read that correctly. We woke Lucy fgor her feed, not the other way round. This is because we've been told not to let her go more than about 5 hours without a feed and never more than 6.

This is somewhat infuriating, as she seems to be feeding well, not losing weight, and we are worried that we are going to get her into the habit of waking for a feed, when what we really want is for her to sleep through if that is her natural healthy tendency.

The midwife comes tomorrow and will weigh her, so we'll ask her whether we can just leave her from now on. Of course, there's no guarantee she won't change her tendency to sleep as long as she does at night, but while it lasts we are grateful for the sleep, as Oliver gets up full of beans every morning, regardless of how the rest of us have slept.