Thursday, August 30, 2007

Midwife visit (15 days old)

Midwife "M" came again today and weighed Lucy. She is now only 1 ounce below her birth weight but has gained 3 ounces since she was weighed on Sunday, so Hayley and Lucy have been signed out of midwife care. Her comment in Hayley's notes said
"Mother's general condition and feelings: Confident, happy Mum. Breastfeeding.". Good stuff!

Lucy gave us a bit of a bad night last night. She went a fantastic 5.5 hours after her 9pm feed, but after her nocturnal feed she didn't settle properly and ended up getting us up again after half an hour for a top-up. In fact both Hayley and I were up the whole time from when she first woke, so we were a bit shattered this morning. It could have been a comfort feed, but it's too early to say. We're assuming not for now. "An after dinner mint" was the midwife's most likely interpretation of her top-up.

I'm now typing with Lucy lying cradled in my left arm. Her hair is so soft! At the back of her head it is quite long, as it has been since she was born. No wonder Hayley had heartburn (if you believe the old wives' tale).

Lucy is now lying on my arm watching me type on the laptop. My little geek!

[2 minutes pass...]

Well that didn't last. As so often, she decided after a few minutes that what she really wanted was some more milk and started to root around looking to feed, only succeeding in giving my thumb a mighty suck. But it was nice to hold her for a while.

I still can't see much of me or Hayley in her, but more people have said how much she looks like Oliver, which I do think I am starting to see too.