Monday, August 06, 2007

This is the modern world (part 1)

Tonight I watched the end of "In the Night Garden" with Oliver. I suspect I may enjoy it even more than he does. Last night I also sat down to watch it with him, but he was getting tired and before the end he got up from the sofa, turned off the TV and said "milk".

It's an odd programme. And I say that as someone who grew up thinking Bill and Ben were quite normal. I find it has a very calming mood to it. It's really the 21st century's answer to the Teletubbies.

Tonight we caught the last few minutes and at the end I turned off the TV using the remote control. Oliver promptly got up, walked to the TV and reprimanded my lack of green credentials, pointing at the standby-light and saying "light".
"OK", I said "turn it off".
He then turned off the TV properly, said "upstairs" and headed to the hall. Hayley, who is always telling me off for leaving the TV in stand-by, found the scene hilarious.