Thursday, August 02, 2007

D-day is here

Well, according to the pregnancy calculator Bumper is due today. Less than an hour to make it though so I think that's off the cards.

According to the dating scan she/he is due tomorrow. We'll see...


Donna said...

According to the super-dooper top-of-the-range 4D scan for my great nephew, he should have been due 8 July. Went all the way to Spain for 8-15 July, only for the little blighter to show up on 21 July. That's boys for you! Hope you have a safe delivery of a child with a better sense of timekeeping :)

Steve said...

Thanks Donna.

Some friends of our who are expecting a baby after successful IVF treatment, were told after their scan that based on the size of the baby the due date is about 2 weeks earlier than previously stated.

Now this is a bit baffling to me as the IVF process means that you know exactly when fertilisation occured. So how can the date move that much?

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