Thursday, August 16, 2007

First visitor

Sara came to the hospital tonight to see Lucy. She is her first visitor apart from me and Oliver. When she arrived Oliver met her in the corridor and led her to see his sister. "Lucy!" he said as he led her by the hand to Lucy's room. (It's Room D by the way on Ward Mat 3, for posterity and for prospective visitors.)

He was lovely with Lucy this evening. He got onto the bed next to her crib, leaned in and stroked her head as gently as you could possibly imagine. He has also talked about her sometimes today and was very keen to visit her this evening. Long may his brotherly love continue.

Oliver and Lucy


Donna said...

Sorry I didn't get to the hospital. Had to get Mum to a few medical appointments of her own. And out of Oliver, Lucy and Mum, I bet I know which two were the better behaved! Anything they do to you now, remember it's payback time when you reach bus-pass age... :)

Steve said...

No problem Donna. We didn't expect many visitors this time, not least because we always planned to get out of there fairly quickly this time. In fact Sara was her only visitor as an "in-patient".

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